The Curator Kit

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The Curator Kit pairs digital experiences like photos and videos to existing FLEX Frames & X-Slabs. Program your Curator Tag in seconds using your smartphone. Add the new acrylic layer to prevent it from making direct contact with your physical collectibles inside the frame/slab. Finish with tamper-proof seals for peace of mind. From COAs and eBay “sold” listings, to a video of you explaining to future generations how you came into possession of something … there’s no wrong way to curate your collection!

Earn up to 50 points.


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The Curator Kit Includes:

How does the

Crafti Curator


Add to the inside of any new/existing FLEX Frame or X-Slab.

Hold up your NFC-enabled smart phone to scan the Curator.

Access and enjoy the digital experience.


  1. Your bundle: 1, 3 or 5
  2. Your size: Modern Comics, Golden-Bronze Age Comics, or 7×10.5″ Art Prints


  • NFC (Near Field Communicator) chip-equipped
  • Includes 1/16″ acrylic layer
  • Tamper-proof seals x2
  • No contact with comic or art print
  • Completely encased and/or hidden
  • Re-writable data
  • Lockable data
  • Option to password protect
  • Link content in seconds with NFC Tools app

Integrates with any FLEX Frame or X-Slab.

Available in discounted bundles of 3 & 5.

(Comics and frames in pictures not included)


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